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Huntley’s permitting process provides for fast permitting and development approvals. Fast tracking illustrates that Huntley understands that time is money. Efficient and timely approvals minimize construction related costs and represent an important economic incentive.


Qualified sites are parcels:

  • listed for sale or lease 
  • appropriately zoned
  • meet zoning and comprehensive plan requirements
  • served by utilities
  • fulfill the requirements of the development application 
  • maintain access to existing road networks. 

Properties with these characteristics are designed to allow a firm to receive plan approvals within 90 days of full plan submittal.

Recent examples of fast track permitting approval include: 

Facility Type


Approval Time


757,000 SF

85 Days 

Supportive Living Center

118,000 SF

62 Days

Stand Alone Retail

16,000 SF

70 Days

Stand Alone Retail

8,000 SF

72 Days

Stand Alone Retail Redev.

5,700 SF

43 Days

Warehouse Expansion

20,000 SF

48 Days

Distribution Center

42,000 SF

43 Days

Retail Build-out


31 Days

Retail Build-out


24 Days

Retail Build-out


37 Days

Source:  Village of Huntley Development Services

Huntley First! is a premier online resource for available properties and economic development information for Huntley Illinois, Northern Illinois and the Chicago region. Site selectors and economic development professionals will find a wealth of information, statistics, demographics and available property here. For more information regarding available properties and economic development opportunities, please contact the Village of Huntley Illinois, or email Margo Griffin at

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Where is Huntley?

Strategically located at I-90 and Rt. 47. Only 30 miles from O'Hare Airport and Rockford-Chicago Airport.

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