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Targeted Industries

Huntley’s location within both the Golden Corridor and Northern Illinois Technology Triangle attracts firms seeking to leverage proximity to existing technology oriented firms and resources available within Huntley itself.  Additionally, strong relationships with workforce development organizations (community colleges, workforce investment boards and other organizations) assist businesses in meeting their training and recruiting needs.


Industry Cluster Concentrations

The metro-Chicago area is home to a number of the nation's largest industry clusters including many technology oriented segments including IT and Telecommuncations and Defense and Security as well as others including Transportation and Logistics, Printing and Publishing, and Advanced Materials and Manufacturing. Huntley's location on I-90 just 30 miles west of O'Hare International Airport and 30 miles east of Rockford's large manufacturing cluster offers firms excellent access to  suppliers and customers in the US.

While Huntley welcomes organizations from a wide variety of industry and service sectors, Huntley targets its expansion and attraction efforts within the following industry clusters:

Data Centers/Call Centers/Back Office

Dark fiber access along I-90 and a large power supply via ComEd's newly expanded electrical distribution newtork and substation make Huntley a strong candidate for the location of data center operations at costs signicantly less than those of the area's major cities.

Illinois has the third highest concentration of optic fiber in the nation, with 7.96 terabytes of capacity.  This has earned Illinois a spot on the list of the “States with Most Broadband Access” as reported by the White House in 2013 and places Illinois among other high ranking measures: 

  • Illinois’ high-tech industry helps to rank it as the 8th largest Cyberstate
  • Illinois ranked #3 in the U.S. for employment in consumer electronics manufacturing – 1,100 jobs
  • Illinois ranked #4 in the U.S. for employment in electronic components manufacturing – 12,100 jobs 
  • Illinois ranked #5 in the U.S. for employment in communications equipment manufacturing – 5,700 jobs. 

                             Source: Cyberstates 2012


To learn more about the benefits of locating in Huntley, review the links below:

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Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing is the #1 industry in Illinois, due to the highly trained workforce, superior logistics and infrastructure, and commitment to economic growth. A foundation of strength for generations to come, Illinois manufacturing provides a broad range of jobs, fosters technology and innovation leadership, and provides economic stability within the state.

Manufacturing comprises approximately 13% of the state’s gross domestic product (GDP) and makes up more than 577,400 workers, or about 10% of the total workforce and boasts other important notables:

  • Illinois has the third largest manufacturing output out of all 50 states
  • The Illinois manufacturing sector surpassed that of North Carolina’s in 2011 to become the third largest manufacturing state
  • Illinois has the second largest plastics and rubber products manufacturing output in the nation
  • Illinois has the second largest machinery manufacturing output in the nation
  • Illinois has the second largest printing and related support equipment manufacturing output in the nation
  • Illinois has the 4th largest petroleum and coal manufacturing output in the nation
  • Illinois has the 4th largest fabricated metal product manufacturing output in the nation
  • Illinois has the 5th largest electrical equipment, appliance & component manufacturing output in the nation




Huntley is home to a significant concentration of packaging firms.  Companies which conduct significant operations in Huntley include:




H.S. Crocker

Packaging & Related

Inglese Box

Packaging & Related

Rohrer Corp

Packaging & Related


Packaging & Related

Union Special

Packaging & Related

Wisdom Adhesives

Packaging & Related

Cargo Equipment

Packaging & Related


Take advantage of Huntley’s convenient access to I-90 and proximity to other packaging firms.



Transportation, Logistics & Distribution

Huntley's central location and extensive transportation network make it a destination of choice for companies that need to move employees and goods around the Chicago area, country and the globe.


Roadway Network

Huntley boasts one of the most modern, high capacity roadway networks in the Chicago area. During the past five years, the community’s major north-south roadway, Illinois Rt. 47 was completely reconstructed and expanded to six lanes from its original two lanes at a cost of $24 million. In November 2013, the State of Illinois and Illinois Tollway Authority completed the construction of a new and expanded seven lane, full-access interchange at the intersection of Interstate 90 and Illinois Rt. 47 serving more than 500 acres of land for industrial uses. Finally, improvements to the Algonquin Road and Kreutzer Road arterials in excess of $10 million have significantly enhanced traffic flow to other commercial areas. With roadway improvements of $100 million, Huntley stands ready to attract significant new additions to its commercial and industrial base.

While Huntley claims an excellent roadway network, Illinois lies at the heart of the nation's interstate highway system. Three coast-to-coast interstates (I-70, I-80, and I-90) pass through Illinois. These are joined by major north-south interstates, including I-39, I-55, and I-57; major east-west interstates that include I-24, I-64, and I-74; as well as I-72, I-94, I-88 and I-155. In all, 2,169 miles of interstate highway serve Illinois. Only two states have more interstate miles than Illinois.



Chicago is the largest rail hub in the country with more than 1,200 trains passing through it daily carrying 75 percent of the nation's freight valued at $350 billion; 37,500 rail freight cars pass through the City every day projected to increase to 67,000 by 2020. Chicago is the only city where six Class I railroads converge and exchange freight (BNSF, Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, CSX, Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific).

For additional information about rail in Illinois, please select:

Suburban Chicago Intermodal Rail Map 

Illinois Railroad Overview (Association of American Railroads)


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Where is Huntley?

Strategically located at I-90 and Rt. 47. Only 30 miles from O'Hare Airport and Rockford-Chicago Airport.

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