Education and Training

Education and Training
While Illinois' workforce maintains a higher percentage of those with degrees than workers in surrounding states, those with degrees in the Huntley workforce area represent an even greater percentage.  Those who reside in the Huntley workforce area and maintain at least a bachelor's degree represent over 35% of the workforce while those with advanced degrees represent nearly 11% resulting in a greater number of recruits for higher skill level and management positions. (esri Community Profile 9/2019)

Businesses in Huntley also benefit from close proximity to numerous colleges, universities and independent organizations which provide Colleges, Universities and other Vocational Training Opportunities to employees.  

Bachelors Degree chart

While Illinois' college graduate rate compares favorably to its surrounding states, the Chicago metro area produces some of the most technology savvy graduates among all metro U.S. communities.  As seen below, Chicago is among the top metro areas in the U.S. when measured in the number of graduates in Computer Engineering, Programming and Database Administration:
computer science degrees awarded by state