Huntley’s residential, retail and industrial growth has drawn increased attention and activity from regional and national retailers.  Huntley is home to numerous regional and national retailers along the Rt. 47 corridor between the I-90 interchange and Walmart approximately two miles north.


Developed Sites Available
Huntley is located between Rockford and I-294 in Chicago, and provides restaurants with a high profile interstate location all within less than one mile of I-90 of the full interchange at I-90 and Rt. 47.

What’s more, with over 25,000 vehicles/day on Rt.47, and 66,000 vehicles/day on I-90, hoteliers, retailers and restaurant owners will have access to patrons seeking the easiest and fastest of the tollway restaurant interchanges between Chicago and Rockford.

With more than 200 acres of fully developed retail one mile farther north on Rt. 47, the retail corridor provides restaurants and retailers alike with dozens of high profile sites.  Join us in creating I-90’s highest concentration of easy access restaurants and retail.  To see an overview of available sites, please view the attached aerial of the Route 47 Commercial Corridor between I-90 and Kreutzer Road. 

In 2016, the Village permitted 200 residential units.  Since 2000, Huntley's population has grown from 5,730 to 26,632 residents per a special census completed in early 2016.

Huntley's corporate limits encompass 14.22 square miles of land area. Huntley was among the top 10 fastest growing municipalities in northern Illinois between 2010 and 2015.  Only 24% of municipalities in Illinois experienced any population growth during this time period.

Huntley's Del Webb Sun City, the largest active adult development in the Midwest, is home to approximately 9,000 residents.  The remaining Huntley subdivisions have a very high percentage of young families with children. The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning estimates Huntley's population will rise to 55,986 by year 2040. 

Currently, there are 94,419 residents with an average household income of $109,590 within a 5 mile radius of Route 47 and Main Street.  Huntley Population 3, 4 & 5 mile radius